Keynote on JOSEPHS and the Digital Transformation

The digital transformation forces companies to think about value creation, value delivery and value capturing in new ways. In his keynote at the Taiwanese Seminar on Multidisciplinary Engineering Education and Research Projects, Dr. Fritzsche from Wi1 reviewed this process as a heuristic search and explained the contribution of open laboratories to its success. He showed how the concept of JOSEPHS facilitates such contributions and presented examples of its successful application in ...


Neues Paper "Creating Competitive Advantage from Services" erschienen

Mit der neuen Ausgabe des Journal Research-Technology Management (60/3, 2017) ist das Paper "Creating Competitive Advantage from Services" erschienen. Das Paper von Julia Jonas (Koautorin) ist in Zusammenarbeit mit Christiane Rau und Anna Zbiek von der FH Oberösterreich entstanden. Weitere Informationen im Journal.


Wi1 on collaborative prototyping at CIRP conference

How can IoT product-service systems be designed to optimize value generation for all stakehodlers? Boukhris, Fritzsche and Möslein suggest the COSUP method. Aida Boukhris of Wi1 presented the method at the 50th CIRP conference on manufacturing systems in Taichung, based on experiences collected at JOSEPHS and in numerous workshops worldwide. A core element is the newly developed Protobits kit. Check out the paper "Co-creation at the early stage of product-service systems development ...



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