Our research project BigDieMo was represented this week with its own booth at the Integrated Plant Engineering Conference (IPEC) 2019 in Nuremberg. The event was organized by the CCI Nuremberg c/o Automation Valley Nordbayern with technical expertise from VDI Bayern Nordost & VDE Nordbayern.

The IPEC serves the exchange of experiences and ideas between suppliers and users over the entire plant life cycle. Besides a keynote on Cyber Security from Estonia, the conference gathered insights in the digital experiences of its partner regions Denmark and the Netherlands. Artificial Intelligence, cloud applications and Digital Twins were the topics in the technical orientated afternoon session.

BigDieMo was able to get in contact with numerous representatives from research and practice, present the project results and have interesting conversations. Of course we also had the BigDieMo final publication with us which enjoyed great popularity. On behalf of BigDieMo we would like to thank the IHK Nürnberg für Mittelfranken for the possibility to participate in the conference and a very exciting day.