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04. Conference Papers
Neyer, A-K., Doll B., & Möslein K. M. (2008).  Prototyping Service Innovation. Symposium "Service Innovation" in the innovation track at European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference 2008.
Velamuri, V. K., Neyer A-K., & Möslein K. M. (2008).  What influences the design of hybrid products? Lessons learned from the preventive health-care industry. 15th International Product Development Management (IPDM) Conference.
Neyer, A-K., Kiefer D., & Fink G. (2008).  Mastering flexibility and diversity: an organizational and individual perspective. European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS) Conference 2008.
Brandl, J., & Neyer A-K. (2007).  When extensive preparation leads to poor performance: An examination of how cross-cultural training might decrease the effectiveness of cross-cultural interactions. 5th Critical Management Studies Conference 2007.
Neyer, A-K., Hill S., Gelbuda M., & Gratton L. (2007).  Geographic dispersion and knowledge processes in teams: The crucial role of team goals. Academy of Management (AOM) Meeting 2007.
Neyer, A-K. (2006).  25 cultures - one mission: Multinational teams in the European Commission. Academy of Management (AOM) Meeting 2006.
Möslein, K. M., Neyer A-K., & Reichwald R. (2006).  How to successfully lead boundary-spanning activities: Understanding the role of relational and performance oriented leadership systems. European Academy of Management (EURAM) Annual Conference 2006.
Neyer, A-K. (2006).  When and How Does Culture Matter - Lessons Learnt from Global Teams in the Public Sector. Showcase Symposium "Effective functioning of multicultural teams: New perspectives on context, cultural diversity and personal dynamics" at the Academy of Management (AOM) Meeting 2006.
Möslein, K. M., & Neyer A-K. (2006).  Leading Innovation: The Role of Leadership Systems for the Leadership of Boundary Spanning Innovation. 26th Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual International Conference 2006.  (58.38 KB)
Fink, G., & Neyer A-K. (2005).  The cultural standards research and its implications for multinational team management: Experiences from the German and Austrian Managers. Southern Management Association Meeting 2005.
Neyer, A-K., & Kölling M. (2005).  Knowledge management in the context of cross-cultural interactions in multinational teams. European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS) Conference 2005.
Neyer, A-K. (2004).  A multi-level approach to study multinational team performance in the European Commission: An explorative analysis from an Austrian point of view. 8th International Workshop on Teamworking (IWOT, organized by European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management) 2004.
Neyer, A-K., Puck J. F., & Kölling M. (2004).  Team cultural diversity and team output: A review of existing studies and outlines for future research. SAM/IFSAM VIIth World Congress (Management in a world of diversity and changes) 2004.
Fink, G., Neyer A-K., Kölling M., & Meierewert S. (2004).  Research on intercultural management interaction: The cultural standard method. International Conference on Research Methods (organized by the Research Method Division of the AoM and ISEOR) 2004.
Neyer, A-K., & Kölling M. (2003).  Redefining culture standards: A meta-analysis of 650 interviews. InterKnow-Euro Workshop I.
Neyer, A-K. (2003).  The emergence of critical incidents in multi-cultural teams in the European Commission and the European Parliament: Development of criteria for successful performance of multi cultural teams. InterKnow-Euro Workshop II 2003 ("The impact of values and norms on intercultural training and education").
Fink, G., Kölling M., & Neyer A-K. (2002).  Cross-Cultural Research in Marketing Contexts: from General and Noncomplex to Concise and Comprehensive. 10th annual conference of marketing and business strategies for central & eastern Europe, December 5-7.
08. Conference Presentations, Tracks and Workshops
Huff, A. Sigismund, Reichwald R., Fredberg T., Möslein K. M., Neyer A-K., & Piller F. T. (2006).  Leading Open Innovation and Cooperation: A Global Challenge to Managerial Responsiveness. Symposium. 8th International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) World Congress 2006.  (116.46 KB)