Wi1 at DESRIST 2018 in Chennai

The 13th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology was hosted this year at the IIT Madras in Chennai, India. Under the slogan “Designing for a Digital and Globalized World”, researchers and practitioners discussed the potentials and challenges of Design Science Research in the digital age. Sascha Julian Oks from Wi1 contributed to the discourse presenting the paper “Design and Evaluation of a Portable Industrial Demonstrator for Cyber-Physical ...


More than new technical devices: a semiotic look at the digital transformation of industry

The Future of Engineering: Philosophical Foundations, Ethical Problems and Application Cases


In the context of Industry 4.0, companies are developing new types of digital products and application-specific services that enable e.g. error prediction for maintenance activities or optimise automated work plans for machines and people. In most cases, these services are intended for an isolated application and seldom allow integrative use beyond this particular purpose. This is where the joint project PRODISYS comes into play, in which an industrial cloud platform is developed, which prototypically enables the easy integration and combination of new and existing services and machines.


Paper on Data-Driven Operations Management Adds New Perspective on Digital Transformation of Industry

Cyber-Physical Systems are about to change the landscape of industrial practice. The enormous potential for innovation hidden in this new technology has been extensively researched over the past years. The challenge is now to find suitable operational structures to manage the application of cyber-physical practice in industry and process the gigantic amount of data they produce and exchange. In their new paper, Philipp Gölzer of Fraunhofer SCS and ...


Meilenstein im Projekt SmartDiF - Anschluss der Werkzeugmaschine 4.0 an die MindSphere

Am Freitag, den 28. Juli 2017, wurde im Rahmen des vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung geförderten Projekts SmartDiF (www.smartdif.de) Teile der „Werkzeugmaschine 4.0“, einem Innovationsprojekt der Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, an die digitale Plattform „MindSphere“ der Siemens AG angeschlossen. Seitdem sendet die Maschine kontinuierlich reale interne Daten aus der Produktion in das externe Ökosystem der MindSphere. Die Maschine ist ...


Digitaler Donnerstag - Kick-off im Projekt PRODISYS und digitale Transformation in Neustadt an der Aisch

Am zurückliegenden Donnerstag kamen die Forschungs- und Praxispartner des vom BMBF geförderten Projekts PRODISYS (Engineering Produktionsbezogener Dienstleistungssysteme) in den Räumlichkeiten der fortiss in München zusammen, um mit der inhaltlichen Arbeit im Projekt zu beginnen. Nach einer Einführung durch den Projektträger Karlsruhe, stellten die Partner ihre Arbeitspakete und das geplante methodische Vorgehen vor. Zusätzlich wurden bereits erste Use Cases definiert, die den Ausgangspunkt ...



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