The class covers social and technological aspects of various technologies that enable innovation. Semantic web will serve as the basis for linking different types of innovation technologies across the boundaries of socio-technical systems. The lecture will thus follow the general theme of web science and explore social, organizational theory and technical concepts around the World Wide Web.


Social and organizational theory will amongst others contain: 

• Systems theory, communication theory and organization theory,

• basics of open innovation, open research, interactive value creation and open evaluation.

The technological aspect of the class will deal with:

• Theory, Infrastructure and underlying technologies of the world wide web

• Web scripting and markup languages and associated design theory.

• Internet of Things and associated technologies

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In WS16/17 the kick-off lecture will take place from 13:00-16:00 on 21.10.2016.

Other lecture slots at 13:00-16:00 on: 

21.10.2016, 4.11.2016 (10:00-16:30),11.11.2016 ,16.11.2016 (15:00-19:00), 18.11.2016, 2.12.2016, 9.12.2016, 16.12.2016 and 23.12.2016. *

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* This information has been updated

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+49 (0) 911 5302 156



LG 0.144 and other places

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Credit points / Contact hours: 

5 ECTS / 4 SWS