The course focusses on organizational transformation driven through information technology (IT) and consists of two parts.

The operative part introduces the topic from an industrial perspective and explores the re-organization of value streams in the course of the digital transformation. Teaching in this part will be taken over by our guest lecturers from a leading Bavarian automotive company. Students will work in a project-oriented mode and then present their results in the second half of the term. The analytic part takes the perspective of academic research on the organization of the digital transformation. It introduces different theoretical frameworks to gain a deeper understanding of the phenomenon and explores its implications for global business structures and the IT industry as a service provider. Students wil afterwards write a short essay to show what they have learned.

During the course, the students will gain deeper insight into the latest scientific developments and trends in the field, as well as an overview of global business models used in the industry. It will give students orientation for future career choices in academia or industry.

The course will be held on a bi-weekly basis and lasts from 16:30h-19:30h. The exact session dates and locations in the summer term 2019 are:

  • 25.04. FG 0.015 (Kickoff)
  • 09.05. FG 0.015
  • 23.05. FG 0.015
  • 06.06. FG 0.015
  • 27.06. FG 0.015
  • 04.07. FG 0.015
  • 18.07 Festsaal Mensa Building, Andreij-Sacharov-Platz (be punctual, entry is restrictive)

... FG means Findelgasse...

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The password for studon is supplied in the kickoff session. Please do not miss the first sessions, as it will be very difficult to get on board later!!!

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FG 0.015

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