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Industries and old ways of doing business have been revolutionized in the last decades with technological advancements. A new technology with the potential to truly revolutionize and disrupt many industries again is the blockchain mechanism for decentralized transaction and data management. While it was initially developed for Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the blockchain principle is a very generic approach to solve trust / authenticity in the digital economy. The obvious industries to benefit from blockchain technology are those where the core of the business is based on trust in correct monetary transactions, like the financial and insurance industry. However, many other industries could benefit as well, such as the mobile app economy, where data security and trust issues are a constant challenge without any established solution yet.

Wi1 offers a master thesis on blockchain in collaboration with ObjectBox (Techstars ’17, 2nd place at Slush’17). ObjectBox is a company that helps app / IoT developers develop faster apps faster by ensuring data is where it is needed when it is needed. The centrepiece if the ObjectBox business offerings is a mobile database, which is 10x faster than the industry leader SQLite and which only takes 1/10th of the code (LOC) to implement. Students are invited to write a thesis on Blockchain mechanisms for the Mobile App Economy – ideally with an exemplary implementation based on the ObjectBox database.

During their work, students will have to perform the following tasks:

  • Perform a systematic search on blockchain mechanisms and mobile on-device databases to get a comprehensive picture of the current state of the art
  • Collect data from public sources about them and categorize them according to their offerings, business models etc.
  • In addition to the web search, students may be expected to contact several companies directly, perform interviews or collect information in other ways to verify and expand the desk research.
  • Alternatively, students may design and prototype a blockchain mechanism on top of ObjectBox.
  • Students are welcome to set their own focus within the given topic.

Background information on the market and contacts into the industry will be provided. Also, hands-on support for the design and implementation of a prototype are available. This thesis is best suited for students that have a strong IT background and have ideally been coding for years, but others with affinity to IT practice are also welcome to apply.