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You are interested in working on a thesis with high managerial and practical relevance?

You possess knowledge in software development and you would like to a apply this knowledge in a meaningful way?

You would like to foster your understanding of digitization and Industry 4.0 in the context of today's businesses?


The thesis proposed deals with the development of a "an application for digitized services". The theoretical foundations for the according application have already been elaborated on which is why the thesis will possess a practical-oriented character. Based upon this approach, the stakeholders involved in the development of a novel digitally enabled service are enabled to contribute to its design in a collaborative and creative way. Guided by this playful process, a result can be obtained that adressess the requirements of various stakeholders to a broad extent. In order to get a first impression on how such an application could look like, please refer to the video provided below.

The language of the thesis can be in German or English.

In case you are interested in working on this topic, feel free to contact benedikt.hoeckmayr [at] for further details.